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Year 2013
Manufacturer Claas
Model 670
Location Brandon, Manitoba, Canada
Hours 1,006
Stock Number AG11254C


  • *Wind Reduction Kit~Wind reduction kit for the chaffer fan. Reduces air flow for the harvest of light and delicate crops.
  • *stanard feedehouse
  • *contour
  • *English Operator's Manual~No Charge.
  • *Small Grain Sieves~Short tooth upper and lower sieves. Standard on Small Grain Combines. No Charge.
  • *turbo chop chopper with active spreaders
  • *Work Light Package, XENON, Sidefinder - Small Grain~Standard Equipment Small Grain Combines. Light equipment with 2 XENON work lights, standard service lights under side panels, rear axle lights recommended for long work days. No Charge.
  • *Conversion Kit Corn to Small Grain~Not installed. Includes 10mm wire APS grates, preconcave bottom filler plate, 3 concave filler strips and intensive threshing segments.
  • *Intake Screen for Cleaning Fan~Prevents debris from getting sucked into cleaning fan. No Charge.
  • *autopilot machine side
  • *900/60 R32 176 A8~Header restrictions when combine is equipped with tire: Centered & offset header width max. up to 35 ft allowed. No Charge.
  • *cemos & cruise pilot ready
  • *Tailings Monitoring - Electronic~Allows the operator to monitor tailings volume on the CEBIS screen. Requires Q08 0011 QUANTIMETER. No Charge.
  • *Lexion 670 Small Grain Version
  • *CLAAS CAN Bus Interface~Includes a CAN Bus Link allowing external connection to 3rd party GPS yield mapping and GPS Steering systems. No Charge.
  • *Fixed Speed Feederhouse Drive~Feederhouse speed not adjustable. Standard for Small Grain and Rice Combines. No Charge.
  • *500/85 R24 (D225 Lug Pattern Rim)~No Charge.
  • *Non-powered, Adjustable Rear Axle~Requires tire with 225mm diameter lug pattern rim. No Charge.
  • Base Equipment
  • *Heavy-duty Unloading Auger 26.2
  • *Universal Grain Tank 280 bu (10,000L)~Universal wear resistant grain tank for corn and small grain. No Charge.
  • *cruise pilot
  • *Radio with Handsfree Bluetooth, USB & SD slot, iPod control
  • *Small Grains Threshing System~N7/18 Universal Concave, 6.5x40 APS grates. Standard on Small Grain Combines. (Not available for rice machines). No Charge.
275,000 CAD

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AG West Equipment Ltd
Brandon, Manitoba, Canada
Phone: 1-877-636-9899

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