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Year 2014
Manufacturer Claas
Model 760
Location Neepawa, Manitoba, Canada
Hours 1,136
Stock Number AG11211A


  • *Small Grain Threshing System~6.5x40mm smooth APS grates, closed threshing drum, N7/18 main concave.
  • *Variable Speed Rotor Drive - Corn and Small Grain~Change rotor speed from the cab through a wide speed range (360-1050 RPM) to maximize performance and grain quality in all crop conditions.
  • *C-Motion Operating Handle~Ergonomically designed, airflow supporting operating handle to control all header and driving functions. Handle allows hand to rest in natural, horizontal position, while improving airflow to palm of hand to prevent sweating. Handle promotes usage of multiple fingers and the thumb.
  • *304 Gallon Fuel Tank - Corn and Small Grain~Includes one 210 gallon primary fuel tank and one 94 gallon secondary fuel tank.
  • Straw Spreader Straw Spreader
  • *QUANTIMETER - Corn and Small Grain~Yield monitoring with continuous moisture sensor. Includes hydraulic tensioning of clean grain elevator.
  • Tires Dls 620/70R42
  • Engine Aspiration Turbo
  • *Cruise Pilot~Cruise Pilot is an operator assistant that will adjust the ground speed during harvesting to maximize performance while considering material intake, engine load, separation and cleaning losses as well as limits set by operator. Requirements: Q15 0010 Cruise Pilot Ready.
  • Auto Pilot Auto Pilot
  • Small Grain Combine Small Grain Combine
  • *620/70 R42 Radial Duals~Includes ladder extension.
  • *CEMOS & Cruise Pilot Ready~Processor unit to control CEMOS and/or Cruise Pilot.
  • *3-D Sieve Cleaning System - Corn and Small Grain~Sieve Box with integrated dynamic side hill compensation system of up to 20%, ventilated pre-cleaning step and fluted turbine fans.
  • Fdr Hse Standard Fdr Hse Standard
  • *Autopilot~Steering controller and steering valve to automatically steer the machine. Requires input signal from header (Laser Pilot, Corn Feelers) or an external GPS Steering system.
  • Lighting Xenon High End Pkg Lighting Xenon High End Pkg
  • Grain Tank Capacity Bu 360 Bu
  • *Refrigerator under Trainer Seat~Refrigerator System for Trainer Seat storage compartment, to keep food and beverages chilled.
  • *CEMOS Automatic for Roto Plus~CEMOS Automatic Software for intelligent automatic adjustment of rotor speed and hydraulic rotor cover plate position. Requirements: B13 0020 Cruise Pilot, Q15 0020 CEMOS Dialog, Q15 0050 CEMOS Auto Jetstream and D10 0040 Hydraulic Rotor Covers or D10 0050 Flax Rotors w/ Hydraulic Covers.
  • *Dust Suction Fan for Standard Feederhouse - Small Grain~Dust suction fan helps reduce dust produced by feederhouse and header for improved visibility. Requirements: Standard Feederhouse B10 0035.
  • *GRAINMETER Sensor and Electronic Tailings - Corn and Small Grain~Displays both tailings volume and grain quantity in the tailings on the CEBIS monitor. Requirements: Q08 0012 QUANTIMETER.
  • HP - Eng 503
  • *Radio "Delphi" with Handsfree Bluetooth~Radio with external microphone, iPod connectivity and line-in port and Bluetooth.
  • *High-End Work Light Package, 6x XENON - Corn and Small Grain~Includes Work Light Package plus 4 additional cab-roof mounted XENON HID lights.
  • *Auto Contour for Standard Feederhouse - Small Grain~Automatic header height control and lateral tilt of header determined by Auto Contour equipped headers. System includes features of Contour plus lateral header tilt. Header lateral tilted by integrated cylinders. Requirements: B10 0035 Standard Feederhouse.
  • *Specialty Crop Upper Sieve - Small Grain~TM6 adjustable airfoil upper sieves for Small Grains, enhances sample and performance.
  • *Fixed Speed Feederhouse Drive - Small Grain and Rice~Fixed Speed Feederhouse and header drive with max 80kW output power.
  • *Cylinder V kit
  • *Fuel Consumption Monitoring - Corn and Small Grain~Allows precise CEBIS read-out of fuel consumption in gal/hr, gal/bu, gal/acre or for specific area harvested. Information can be printed on CEBIS printer if equipped.
  • *Unloading Rate 3.8 bu/sec
  • *CEBIS Mobile Monitor~CEBIS Mobile monitor to display and control CEMOS Dialog and CEMOS Automatic. Does not include software. Requirements: Q07 0076 Terminal Prepared.
  • Fdr Hse HPw/CruisePilot Fdr Hse HPw/CruisePilot
  • *CEMOS Dialog Software~CEMOS Dialog Software for the CEBIS Mobile monitor. Assists the operator in optimizing the combine in changing conditions. Requirements: Q07 0075 CEBIS Mobile Monitor, Q08 0012 QUANTIMETER and Q15 0010 CEMOS Ready.
  • Engine Cyls 6
  • *HD Impeller Wear Kit Factory Installed
  • *4-Link Non-powered, Adjustable Rear Axle~Non-powered, adjustable rear axle with 4-Link design to allow for larger diameter tires with improved turning radius.
  • *Soybean APS Grates~12x40 soybean APS grates with keystocks shipped as By-pack.
  • *CEMOS Automatic for Jet Stream~CEMOS Automatic Software for intelligent automatic adjustment of upper sieve position, lower sieve position, and cleaning fan speed. Requirements: E10 0030 GRAINMETER, E14 0020 TM 6 sieves and Q15 0040 CEMOS Auto Roto Plus.
  • *Standard Feederhouse - Small Grain and Rice~Standard Feederhouse for Small Grain and platform header application.
  • *28L R26~D335 lug pattern.
  • *Turbo Chop Chopper with Active Spreader - Corn and Small Grain~88 rotating knives for chopping straw or corn stalks and actively spreading residue using rotary spinners on the tailboard up to 45 ft, pending conditions. Includes chaff spreader and external manual speed control. Includes G03 0110 Turbo Chop Speed Adjust.
  • *Standard Operator and Trainer Seat - Corn and Small Grain~Standard driver seat and trainer seat with fabric surface.
  • *HD Unloading Auger 4XL - 29.2 ft. - Corn and Small Grain~Heavy Duty wear resistant unloading auger.
  • *760 Combine - Small Grain Package
  • *English Operator's Manual~No Charge.
  • *Terminal Prepared~Monitor mounting bar across right cab window. Can be utilized to mount CEBIS Mobile or aftermarket displays. Display mounting brackets not included.
  • Hyd Drive for Chopper Hyd Drive for Chopper
  • *Universal Grain Tank 360 bu (12,800 L)~Universal wear resistant grain tank for Corn and Small Grain, hydraulic folding grain tank covers.
  • *P516 swathmaster (43341012)
  • Total Separating Area 8412
  • Base Equipment
  • *Flax Rotors with In-cab Rotor Cover Adjustment - Small Grain~Speciality HD Flax rotors and hydraulically actuated rotor covers can be used in Small Grains, Corn, and Rice applications. The rotor covers can be actuated from the cab and allow the operator to adjust the separation area according to harvest conditions. Requirements: D06 0020 Variable Speed Rotor Drive.
  • Cyl/Rotor - WidthxDiam 67"x24"
385,000 CAD

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